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My buddy Robyn Bachar invited me over to her blog to talk about using music in character development.  As I write this, I’m listening to one of my Pandora stations, which is how I stumbled on the Piano Guys (which is a piano and a cello, but that makes sense, right?).  They’re amazing, and inspiring.  Join me at Robyn’s and tell me what kinds of music you’d use for your favorite characters!

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Secondly, Reet Singh of the MFRW Goodreads Discussion Group (MFRW stands for Marketing For Romance Writers) invited all of us over for the Book of the Week feature, which this week is – Emerald Keep!  I’m so excited.  Thank you to Reet and the whole MFRW crew for their support.  Please come by and join the discussion – and I’ll be giving away a copy of Emerald Fire, Book 1 of the Persis Chronicles, to one commenter – it could be you!  Join me!


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