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A few folks have let me know they’ve had trouble leaving comments on the blog here, and I wanted to have a short chat as to why and what’s going on.

Unfortunately, when I went to the new platform on my website, as opposed to a free site (like Blogger or WordPress), it meant that I got a ton of spam comments – like 40 a day.  I turned commenting off for a while, then allowed it with a sign-in on WordPress or Open ID (and a few others); then turned it off after a while, thinking maybe I was done with spam, but no such luck.

Sadly, I’ve had to keep the sign-in requirement.  I STILL get spam, 10 to 20 a week, but it’s more manageable.

And if you’re a spammer reading this, I’m not very happy with you.  Jus’ sayin’.

And so, Dear Reader, that’s why I have comments set up the way I do.  I hope it doesn’t prevent you from leaving comments; but if it does, know that I’m stoked that you’ve visited and taken the time to read.  I appreciate you.

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