Six Geese Laid – A Holiday Fable: Tuesday, December 22nd, on WROTE Podcast; performed by Vance Bastian


The Geese Are Coming!

It all started with an innocent question by J. Scott Coatsworth on Queer Sci Fi:  would anyone like to help out with a podcast series inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas.

It was November 22nd.

I figured, I didn’t have much to do since I was only working full time, Chicago Regional Municipal Liaisons for the ChiWriMo region of National Novel Writing Month, we were leaving for Philadelphia for our family celebration of Thanksgiving (at which 33 people were in attendance), AND it was Black Friday that week and Rachel works retail.

Sure, I’d love to write a new story.  From scratch.

When do you need it?

The 27th.


Rachel’s gonna kill me.


So I wrote.  And Rachel and I plotted.  I wrote some more.  We plotted more.  We ate turkey.  Rachel battled the consumer hell that is Black Friday.  I turned in the story by the skin of my teeth on the 27th.

And now you, Dear Reader, get to hear it on WROTE podcast, performed by none other than Vance Bastian!

Join me on Facebook for a release day party this Tuesday, December 22nd, from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. Central Standard Time (GMT -6).  We’ll have links, pictures, and lots and lots of fun.

About the Story

Six Geese Laid – a Holiday Fable takes place after the end of Cat’s Cradle, and before the forthcoming Ambush.  Our hero is the tortured TJ Butler, a former Marine suffering from PTSD from the use of electroshock therapy to “cure” him of being gay when he was a young man.  He ran away to join the Corps and that’s where he met Neal Harrison and his squad of Marines.  TJ is unaware of the fact that he is pure catnip to Dillon Kendall and Craig Moretti, but Dillon decides that the time is right to make his move.  Only, there’s a snag:

The Geese.

Join me on Tuesday and find out what happens!


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