When “What He Said” Isn’t Enough – Free Workshop Coming February 2016 on Coffee Time Romance

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Free Workshop,Writing M/M Romance – When “What He Said” Isn’t Enough

Writing M/M romance, or “male/male” romance, came about in the late 1960’s (probably much earlier, but that’s when folks admit to it), written largely by and for women. It has its roots in the fan communities and stories were mimeographed, (anybody remember those?), to be passed around at conventions or mailed, (yes, snail mail), back and forth.  That’s not to say it doesn’t also appeal to men; I have a number of men friends, gay and straight, who like to read it too.

And then came the internet.

Now, with the explosion of ebooks and the ease of sharing stories via forums and archives, the genre has come into its own. There are now more and more original stories with two male characters who meet, have conflicts, and fall in love. And yes, there’s the sex.

We’ll talk about how to write convincing male characters and how to handle pronoun confusion. We’ll touch on some elements of erotic writing and how to make scenes as hot, or as sweet, as one wishes.

Most of all, we’ll have fun. Join me for some discussion and, most of all, some writing.

Join me for a free writing workshop at the Coffee Time Romance forum, here, Sunday, February 7th through Saturday, February 27th.  You don’t need any experience as a writer.  Just bring your curiosity, enthusiasm, and your internet connection.  We’ll create the rest from there.



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