Saturday Stashbusting


It’s 2016.  A new year, right?  I saw something on Facebook the other day that made me laugh.  It was a meme about new years, where we focus on what we didn’t accomplish in 2015, and wanted to do in 2014, etc.  I do want to work on my stash busting, but I know better than to say “I will bust all my stash this year.”  I did that once.


So this year, I’ll focus on playing.  The shot, above, is of my jewel scarf that I’m making for Rachel.  I’d say it’s about 60% done.  Boria is sound asleep next to my spot on the couch, with the Ohio State afghan my mother crocheted.


My craft shelves.  I installed them this year and like them a lot better than what I was using.  This has a whole bunch of projects to play with.  My biggest challenge is to work on making sweaters.


This holds a number of overflow supplies, including my ivory yarn that I want to use as my first top-down sweater practice yarn.  I tried one with some colored yarn, (purple heather and pale pink), but it was too challenging to work with the color design and the new technique at the same time.


This is my list of stash containers that live under my bed.  I had an idea, at one point, to go through the list and make stuff one by one.  That’s where things imploded, because I got too overwhelmed by the project.  Instead, this year, I’m just going to focus on one thing at a time.


This is my mess.  I’m working on reorganizing my filing system.  This is actually more organized than it looks, because the piles are specific things, but they still don’t belong on the table.  I need to get them into the filing cabinets.

How come I can’t use a magic wand like Hermione?


A little more close-up of the scarf, where you can see the pattern of the yarn as it interacts with the lace stitches.  I can’t wait to finish it and see how it blocks out.


This is my latch hook rug frame, with the start of the peacock/firebird rug on it.  This is what I got away from this year, because I kept getting intimidated by how much I had left.  This year, I want to try applying what I learned in NaNoWriMo – meaning, do thirty minutes at a shot, make small daily goals rather than big giant ones.

We’ll see.


And this is the cabinet I bought to organize our sewing supplies.  Obviously, I haven’t PUT the stuff in the cabinet yet, but hey.  Once step at a time.

That’s my motto for this year:  one step at a time.

What about you, Dear Reader?  What projects are on your list?



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