Make Something Monday – The Jewel Scarf


The Jewel Scarf is done.  It’s nice and soft.   I’m not sure what I’m going to work on next; maybe a top-down sweater.  For now, here are some more views:


I like long scarves, but I think this will fit well on the person for whom I designed it.

It actually drapes well, which is nice.  I haven’t blocked it yet; this is just off the needles.  But I like the flow of the fabric even without blocking.

What about you, Dear Reader? What are you making?


2 Replies to “Make Something Monday – The Jewel Scarf”

  1. That is so beautiful! Love the colors! I’m not making anything but this makes me think I should be. Just haven’t decided what yet.

    1. Thank you! The colors are lovely. I wish they came across better in the photo.

      I made myself laugh though; I did a load of delicates yesterday and forgot to block it because I left it on Leticia because I like looking at it. 😛

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