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I looked at the ratty holder I’ve been using for my transit card the other day and got embarrassed.  It’s falling apart!  The leather’s all rubbed off on the corners and it was built to hold a cell phone that I haven’t had for two phones now.

I’m a knitter.

This should be a solvable problem, yes?

Ergo, I’m making a small knit pouch wallet for my transit card.  I decided to try the woven stitch, but it curls a lot at the bottom.  I may add an edge of seed stitch or do the whole thing in seed stitch, we’ll see.  I’m still farting around with the swatch.

But I’m having fun designing again!  That’s almost better news than the fact that I’m knitting.

What about you, Dear Reader?  What’s your Work In Progress for Wednesday?

4 thoughts on “Work In Progress Wednesday

  1. feliciaj327 says:

    My work in progress is still trying to clear the clutter from my apartment. It’s not easy with two people with our separate belongings living in two rooms meant for a single person or couple sharing the same things. My friend Pam and I both have many interests and it shows!

    Now there is apparently a plumbing problem and water is seeping up from under the floor tiles in the bathroom! My fear is that our neat freak manager will get called in to assess the damage and will hit the ceiling when she sees all the stuff that’s still here. It’s much better than it was but still a “work in progress”. I’m trying to get the cats to help out rather than hinder, but you know how cats are. 🙂

    1. Yeah, our cats don’t do any chores either. 🙂

      1. feliciaj327 says:

        My Ginger’s specialty is leveling things. Like all over the floor. Papers, objects. She’s old by Bengal standards, but still a rocket!

        1. Yes.

          Kolya eats my knitting needles. Nadya eats the epsom salts bags. Boria eats the cheese wax and cheese plastic. Coyote likes to lick the bedsheets.


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