Urbanscapes and Letterforms in the Built Environment

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I’m tempted to leave this picture stand on its own merits, because “a picture’s worth a thousand words.”  But I’m proud of it, and figured I’d share why:

I’ve been a photographer since high school, when I was privileged to take two years of art photography with one of our better teachers.  We were given black and white film, ASA 100, and taught to see the world around us with new eyes.  This is well before the digital revolution took the photographic world by storm.

Fast forward to a few years ago, when high-quality digital cameras first started appearing in cell phones.  What a revolutionary idea for me!  I’d resisted joining the digital photography movement because I prefer to shoot with an SLR camera (Single Lens Reflex) and the little point-and-shoot jobbies didn’t satisfy.  But now, with my ubiquitous phone, it allowed me to snap things as I saw them, instead of lament not having a digital SLR.  (In a side note, I inherited my husband’s old SLR when he upgraded to his new one in his freelance photography business, and I once again can wander around of an afternoon haunting my environment.)

This particular image caught my eye on a bridge over the railroad tracks near the Chicago Art Institute, the subject of my “A” entry on the main blog of this very website.  The bridge is made of cast concrete, and joined with whatever substance one uses to join such things.  I caught sight of this obvious “C” and had to have it.  It’s a hyper-close-up, as the original object is only a few inches across, smaller than the length of my hand.

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