Number One Goose, and Giraffe Have Long Tongues

Okay, “G” is a bonus letter day because I have a ton of pictures of geese at the zoo, because they make me laugh; and I took some pictures of the giraffes on my last visit.

Watchoo lookin’ at?

This big guy was nesting in a planter immediately in front of the restaurant windows.

Next to the stairs.

And he was hissing.


Okay, giraffe it is then!


Their tongues are black!

I had no idea of this fact until I saw this lady mackin’ on the tree.


I’m pretty sure this is the two-year-old male that lives in the enclosure with the three other lady giraffes.

They are so dopey-looking when they walk around, and especially when they run.

I still wanna pet one.

Tomorrow, we visit the harbor seals and I’ll tell you a story about Pier 39.

Bonus, for you fans of Noon & Wilder – for the holidays this past year, we wrote a short story, Six Geese Laid – A Holiday Fable.  The talented Vance Bastian performed it on the WROTE podcast.  If you haven’t had a listen, step on over there and give it a try.

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10 Replies to “Number One Goose, and Giraffe Have Long Tongues”

  1. Geese can be really mean, so I sort of prefer ducks. They don’t leave messes everywhere, either. ~grin~ I remember learning about the giraffe’s tongue watching a nature show as a kid. I have always enjoyed those. Happy blogging!

    1. I agree, geese are aggressive. They call them “Suburban Pigeons” here, because of their propensity for parks and golf courses, and their poop is like that of a dog, only green and slimy. And sticky, one golfer told me. 🙂

      On the other hand, I find them fun and they make me laugh. I don’t know why. They’re responsive when you talk to them, I guess. I like that. Ducks just tend to run. I do like ducks, don’t get me wrong, but I like both.

      And goslings are green! Some of them. (I actually read up on them, because I saw a mamma with her little greenish fluffballs downtown one year and was startled at their color.)

      Giraffe are awesome. They have an indoor enclosure and we got to walk in, and I sat down not ten feet away while they were enjoying their browse. It was incredible. I can’t wait to show you the okapi; I didn’t even know there was such an animal until I visited this zoo, because they’re so rare. They have similar tongues to giraffe. 🙂

        1. They are adorable. I had to look it up, because I couldn’t believe they were. It’s a pale, yellowish green. Not all geese, just the Canada goose that fly through here for the winter. (There are many kinds of geese.)

  2. J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge – where I am part of Arlee Bird’s A to Z Ambassador Team.
    How has the first week of the challenge been for you so far? Are you meeting your goals of posting and hopping to other blogs?
    My blog has a giveaway with bonus a to z challenges to encourage people to visit more stops.
    Great post. Giraffes are cool.

    1. Hi, J! Thank you for all you and the team do to keep the A to Z Challenge running smoothly. This is my third year and I’m having a ball.

      The first week has been busy! I’m doing the challenge on three of my own blogs, plus two team blogs. I decided to pick themes this year, which has added an extra layer of challenge for me because I’m out taking photographs and doing different things, so that’s been awesome.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit, and I wish you every success with your challenge. Happy blogging!

  3. I think geese are cool, except for their poop anyway. But I like giraffes better and how they seem to run in slow motion. But it’s hard to believe they got the way they are through natural selection. I mean, they have problems with so many things, from drinking, to fighting over females, to dropping their poor newborns on their poor iddo heads.

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