Gettin’ Beaky With It – The Ibis In the Pond


Beaky has big feet!  This lovely fellow is…

The White Ibis!

I like birds, but they scare me.  Their beaks, in particular, are frightening because they’re a combination of sword, knife, and skewer.


The pretty black bird behind the ibis is a Cormorant, another type of fishing bird.  We had lots of them in California, but I don’t recall seeing very many here in the Chicago area.  (That doesn’t necessarily signify; I’m not really a birder.)


The ibis decided he wanted to move off his perch.


I didn’t catch it until he spread them, but his wings have black edges.


And his wing-span is a lot bigger than it looks like when he’s just innocently standing there.  This is a big bird.


He apparently likes being talked to, because he looked right at me.

Or, he’s planning to leap clear over the branch and eat my face.  Take your pick.

Join me tomorrow for the hardest of the letter animals to find:  J.

Oh, and a quick word about ichthyology – when I was researching the letters, I had a devil of a time figuring out what to do for several of them (including “J”).  I couldn’t think of any “I’s,” so I settled on ichthyology – or the study of fish.  I have lots of neat pictures of fish.

But then I found the lovely ibis, and I had to use him for today instead.  🙂

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4 Replies to “Gettin’ Beaky With It – The Ibis In the Pond”

  1. Beautiful pictures. As for the habitat, I’m learning that Central Park supports a wide range of wildlife, especially when birds migrate. But Chicago is a little different, I think. Lovely place to visit, though. 🙂

    1. Hi, Darla! Yes, birders get very knowledgeable about the habitats their birds prefer. I remember meeting a Sierra Club member who enjoyed amateur birding and her knowledge was astounding. And she considered herself an amateur! 🙂

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