Jump Out At You

The Letter J

I’ve noticed, in doing this project, that I’ve started seeing letterforms everywhere – the wheel wells of cars, branches of trees, even the intersections of power lines.

This one reminds me of a day I spent at the park near my house during the summer.  I reclined against a tree to meditate with my eyes closed, (you know, it’s called napping), and something made me open them.  A racoon stood not ten feet from me, and we stared at each other in shock.  He trundled away and climbed up a tree.

By the time I realized what happened, he was thirty feet away and mostly hidden.  Some photographer I was!

In my defense, racoons are, basically, bears.  Getting in a tangle with one because I’m napping in his backyard would ruin my day, y’know?  o.O…

We have some awesome stuff going on this week for you because of the RT Booklovers Convention going on in Las Vegas.  If you’re not familiar, RT is the largest romance genre event of the year, with over a thousand readers and several hundred authors in attendance for a week of workshops, parties, networking, and fun.

Not going to Las Vegas this year?  Don’t worry, Dear Reader.  I will be posting at The Romance Studio for the Staying Home Party, and I’ll have live convention reports – Tina Holland, Live at the Rio!, behind-the-scenes, interviews, and reminiscences from yours truly about RT’s past.  And just for you, Dear Reader, it will be five posts a day for six days – PLUS the challenge posts.  So there’s plenty for you to read and do this week!  Rest your eyeballs, ‘cuz you’re gonna need ’em!

Don’t miss it.  Truck on over now – plus, you can enter to win a bunch of awesome prizes, including a $100 USD Amazon store card.

2016-04-12 Party Pic

Thank you for joining me for the A-Z Blog Challenge.  If you’re blogging in the challenge, please leave me a link so I can come visit you too.  If you have a moment, please check out these other fine blogs:

The theme on my main blog, Explore the Worlds of A. Catherine Noon, is The A To Z of the Zoo.  Join me as I explore Brookfield Zoo and finds animals, birds, and insects from A to Z.

The theme at Noon & Wilder is The A To Z of Chicago.  Since I live here in the city and we have our Chicagoland Shifters based here, I figured I’d share a window into the city, Noon & Wilder style.

The Nice Girls Writing Naughty have a new home, and we’re blogging in the challenge again this year.  Throughout the month you’ll be hearing from each of the Nice Girls, and during the RT Booklovers Convention from April 12th to the 17th, you’ll be getting live convention reports.  Join the conversation!

The Writer Zen Garden’s brand new website is up and running, and we’re bringing you posts from me, Noony; my partner in crime, Rachel Wilder (the Wilder half of Noon & Wilder); the talented Darla M. Sands – a blogger in her own right, see below; as well asGrace Kahlo, Evey Brown, and author Tina Holland.  Check it out!

My friends who are participating in the challenge (and if you’re not on this list, tell me and I’ll add you!):

Write on, and Happy Blogging!

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