Lookit Them Feet!


Kangaroos fascinate me.  They don’t live on this continent, so I’ve never encountered one outside of a zoo.  They’re marsupials, which is rare here too – though not on their own continent of Australia, where there are many species of marsupials (the distinguishing feature of which is carrying the young in a pouch).  Interestingly, I read that during the Mesozoic they were more common on this continent than “placentals” (i.e. animals who deliver their young in a placenta). (1)


Their powerful hind feet, on which they stand, appear to have fewer toes than I assumed.  I’m not sure why I thought they’d have toes like us, but I did; from what I could gather it looks like one large claw and at least one, maybe two smaller ones.  But looking down at him like this, you can’t really see the power of the haunches.


These two ‘roos show you the sheer power of the butt. But in all seriousness, the mass seems mostly concentrated in the hindquarters; they clearly can pack a helluva wallop.

Which leads me to my story.  My friend in Australia and I were talking by chat one day, and she commented that there was a ‘roo in the front yard.  “Cool!” I said.  “We can’t leave the house.”  Pause.  “Why not?”  I’m thinking, at this point, what’s the big deal?  We had deer in our yard growing up and you just walk outside, the deer run away, no problem.  “She delivered young.”  “Cool!” I said again.  “You don’t understand.  She’ll attack us if we go out the front door.”  The light bulb went on.  Never mess with a mother and young.  It’s one of the first rules of hiking in the wild.  Stay away from rattlesnakes and don’t bother bears.  Especially mammas.  Any mamma.

But not leave the house?

“What about work?”  She seemed resigned to it.  “We can get out the back, as long as we’re careful.  It’ll take animal control a couple days to come get her.”  Meanwhile, they had a mamma with a baby in their front yard, near enough to touch.



Tomorrow, it’s the King of the Jungle – Lions!


(1) “Marsupial Mammals,” Dave Smith: New photos; modification of Thylacinus graphic; application of UCMP style sheet; addition of footer includes; minor text editing 10/10/05; from University of California, Berkeley, website retrieved from the following link, 04/13/2016.

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  1. Joeys are the cutest babies. Nice photos! I am really enjoying this. You’ve taken a lot of time uploading photographs, and with other blogs in the challenge, too! I’m impressed.

    1. Your comment warmed my heart. Thank you for noticing! Yes, this year the challenge is definitely more challenging than otherwise, since I’m doing two photography assignments in it instead of straight-up writing.

      Thank you for stopping by; I appreciate it!

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