The King of the Jungle


This ferocious young man is the pride of the zoo, the king of beasts, the lion of doom.

Well, I added the, “of doom,” part.

His wife, on the other hand, isn’t impressed.  Snooze city.

He’s actually not all that young, and he’s been at the zoo for a while.  They are seriously threatened in the wild and Brookfield Zoo participates in an international Species Survival Plan to try and conserve these majestic creatures.  They are African lions, mostly nocturnal, though we did get to hear him roar one evening long about closing time.


Lions spend about 20 hours a day asleep.  Kind of like house cats, really.  In fact, in the book Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture, by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, biologists liken house cats’ behavior most closely with that of lions.


Just makes you want to pet her, doesn’t she?


Um.  Maybe… not?


Tomorrow, we get to visit the Mexican Grey Wolves.

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2 Replies to “The King of the Jungle”

  1. So you are going to the zoo almost every day? in the top photo, is the lion roaring or yawning? There’s something to be said for zoos because they can protect the last of a species or help it become re-established.

    1. Oh, no. I’ve done three photoshoots for this challenge, plus I have the photos from a couple other trips (we’re members there). When I do a shoot, I take between 300 and 500 shots, so I have a large library from which to choose. I like doing it that way because I love being behind the camera. I don’t love darkroom or Photoshop work, which my husband likes, I also don’t like studio work particularly, also what he likes. So it’s interesting; our photography doesn’t really intersect all that much. He’s the pro in the family. 🙂

      The lion in this shot is yawning, but I love that it’s not clear. I couldn’t find the ones of him roaring in the time I had for prepping for the post. If I can go back and dig them out when time calms down, I will; I wish I caught it on video. It was bone chilling. All he’s doing is seeing if there are other males in his territory, but it raises the hairs on the back of your neck.

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