The Secret Forest-Dweller


This shy fellow is a forest-dwelling creature called an okapi.  From central Africa, they resemble a zebra crossed with a giraffe and are about the size of a tall but skinny horse.

They also have long, skinny black tongues.


I’m disappointed because I can’t find the series of photographs I took of the mother with a newborn, nor the ones of a single okapi over in the holding area in the back corner of the zoo.  However, on this particular day when we visited, I had my cell phone camera with me.  When we came into the building where the okapi live, there was a volunteer zookeeper there doing some research.  She told us that this okapi had been orphaned and was hand-raised by the zoo.  He will not be able to go back into the wild.


I thought he was going to go back into his paddock, so I turned away to talk to the zookeeper.  Then my husband softly said, “Honey.”

I turned back to find that the okapi isn’t just shy, but also curious.  Unfortunately, I jiggled my camera when I tried to be sneaky about bringing it up to snap his photo.


He moved his head when I took the shot, so he’s blurry, but you can see his striped legs.  Skinny little legs, aren’t they?


Squirmy little bugger, too.  He reached up to see what was up above in the enclosure, so all I got was his ear.  Phooey.


He decided to wander back inside, and I got this picture of his back and ears in the light.  He has a lovely coat, like a bay horse but with giant satellite ears.

And yeah, I wanna pet him.  🙂

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