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Those of you who’ve been with me awhile know I adore peacocks.  I have peacock jewelry, bags, blouses, needlepoint, latch hooked rugs, and lots and lots of pictures from the zoo of the peacocks that wander around loose.


This penguin touched my heart.

2016-04-19 Pic 2

We went to the zoo in December with our good friend E…, and he adores penguins.  He even suggested we go to the penguin house, but I had never heard of it.  I thought I had seen all there was to see at the zoo, but he confidently lead us right to a building, through a winding hallway, to this awesome little reef filled with denizens of the arctic.

2016-04-19 Pic 3

They’re really cute, too.  Sure, I’ll post pictures of my favorite noisy majestic peacocks, and still try to convince my husband they make good pets (“They scream like a woman in pain!”  “But they’re PRETTY!”  “They’re loud!” “But they’re PRETTY!”  “They’re not particularly friendly!”  “But they’re PRETTY!”) and therefore, I’ll have more pictures of my favorite fowl for you on these pages.

But for today, P is for Penguin.

Tomorrow, you get to find out what I picked for “Q.”

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5 thoughts on “So Many P’s, So Little Time

  1. sean e flanigan says:

    The penguin pics are cute. I would want one as a pet but I think they are happy with penguin company and I have a two penguin limit, I think. There is also the climate control aspect at home and then boarding. I think if I moved to Canada and applied for citizenship I could list my reason for applying as “i have pet penguins and I like hockey”.

  2. Allyse says:

    They are adorable. I love the penguins. I never realize how much I love them until I walk past them at the zoo. So funny, I could watch them all day!

    @AllysePanaro from
    The Frog Lady

  3. I look forward to reading about Q. It reminds me of the time we saw a mother and baby quail. Too adorable, like your little pal here.

  4. Carrie-Anne says:

    Penguins are so cute! The Boston Aquarium has some in one of their exhibits, though it’s been so long since I’ve visited.

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