Six Inch Thick Skin

2016-04-21 Pic 1

Many years ago, when I was just a lass, I met a wonderful woman who was a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  She changed my life.  Her mascot, she said, was the rhinoceros, because their skin is six inches thick – and we all need thick skin when we build our dreams.

In researching for this post, I think that statement is apocryphal; most of the sources I found say between 1 and 5 cm (centimeters) thick, which is thinner than six inches but still quite strong.  Some people apparently believe it’s actually bullet-proof, though I wouldn’t want to test that theory.

2016-04-21 Pic 2

I believe this one is female, but I can’t find it in my notes so I’m not sure.  When we visited, s/he wandered around her/is enclosure, occasionally nibbling stuff but mostly roaming.

2016-04-21 Pic 3

Then s/he looked right at me.


I love their ears.  Fuzzy.  Makes me want to…

Yes.  I know.  Pet them.  I want to pet everything.


Okay.  Maybe not everything.

Tomorrow, it’s one of my favorite aminals in the whole zoo!!  It’s S for…

Well, you’ll just hafta wait and see, won’tcha?

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  1. Thank you so much for the website. As you mentioned, the reviews would be great to use with kids, but also with teachers and people studying to become teachers. When I was on the Orbis Pictus Award Committee for Outstanding Nonfiction, we often faced the problem that none of us on the Committee was an expert on the topic of a book we were reviewing. We learned pretty fast to run our books by people who were experts. It's sobering to see that there's so much miifasormntion in children's books. Why isn't there more fact checking?

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