Xtreme Birds

2016-04-28 Bird Pic 1

The Andean Condor has a wingspan of over twelve feet and is one of the largest birds in the world.  He is a scavenger, a type of buzzard.  He’s got black and white wings and red eyes and a really.big.beak.

2016-04-28 Bird Pic 2

One day in December when we visited the zoo, we stood watching the condors and the bigger one knocked the littler one of its perch.  Now, I assume this is a mated pair, i.e. a female and a male, but I don’t know for sure.  I said, joking, “Aww, are you gonna take that?”  Not a second after I spoke, the displaced condor rushed the victor and a ten minute battle ensued.

2016-04-28 Bird Pic 3

At one point, one of the birds’ wingtips banged the cage and made a very loud sound, like something heavy hitting it.  It became immediately apparent why their cage is as sturdy as it is.

2016-04-28 Bird Pic 4

The wingspan is stunning.

2016-04-28 Bird Pic 5

So are their eyes.  Except the bars got in the way…

2016-04-28 Bird Pic 6

And in this one, a branch…

2016-04-28 Bird Pic 7

And then the other one caught up and whammo!

2016-04-28 Bird Pic 8

Holy she-it.

Maybe we could go look at the penguins next?

2016-04-28 Bird Pic 9

This one looks like art.  You can suddenly see where the majesty of some First Nations’ bird costumes come from, nu?

Majestic fricken animals.

But no, I do NOT want to pet them.

I did, however, in my not-stage voice, comment to my husband after a few minutes of watching the fight, “I wonder if this is a marital spat or foreplay?”

What I didn’t realize is that a family with younger children had walked up behind us, and I got quite the glare from the father.


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4 Replies to “Xtreme Birds”

  1. Don’t you hate it when the Rated G zone sneaks up on you, when you’re trying to have an R-rated moment? 🙂

  2. Oh, that dude needs to lighten up. Like kids know foreplay. And if they do, he’s got more concerns. 🙂 How awesome to have witnessed a spat. It would give me chills, I’m sure.

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