Yes, It’s Snow Leopards!

2016-04-29 Pic 1

And so, Dear Reader, I reprise my topic of a few days ago, the majestic snow leopard.  Now, don’t be like that; I did actually find a “Y” animal at the zoo, the Yellow Spotted Toad; but, all due respect to my husband, I am not a herper and toads do not excite me.

Besides.  The toad just sat there.  And nobody ever got eaten by a toad, so there.

Moving right along…

These pictures are actually not from my A to Z prep trips.  They’re from one of three visits to the zoo we took last year in April, before the two snow leopard cubs were born.  Here you get to see Mamma and Papa before they were a mamma or a papa.

2016-04-29 Pic 2

They sleep just like my cats!

Their feet are WAY bigger, though.  Holy Jebus, look at those toe beans!

2016-04-29 Pic 3


2016-04-29 Pic 4

Oh look!  One’s waking up!

2016-04-29 Pic 5


2016-04-29 Pic 6


2016-04-29 Pic 7

Holy crap, these are majestic animals!

2016-04-29 Pic 8

You know, I’ve seen that exact same expression on my house cats’ face.  I wanted to stare, but making eye contact is considered rude, so I looked down.  But man.  Sent chills down my spine.

Tomorrow, it will…

Oh, fine, for you literalists:

2016-04-29 Pic 10

Mee-deep.  Mee-deep.

So, who is this fellow?

2016-04-29 Pic 11

Yellow-spotte… HEY! HONEY! I FOUND A Y!

Keep your voice down, will ya?

Then I noticed something.

2016-04-29 Pic 12

The Yellow-Spotted Climbing Toad is, in fact, green.

And that’s not even on cold medicine, Dear Reader.

Tomorrow, it’s the Pièce De Résistance – Z!  (Psst – it’s actually later this afternoon, since I’m late an’ all, but hey.  Keeping up appearances, right? Right!)

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7 Replies to “Yes, It’s Snow Leopards!”

  1. Love the looks from the leopards. I wanted to just reach out and pet them, which of course would have left me without hands or a face but wow, they are beautiful.

  2. I love how their paw were intertwined as they napped together, too sweet.
    And the green toad does have yellow spots, hence its name, perhaps?

  3. You made me chuckle. Frogs can be multi-colored, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a toad other than predominantly green. I’ll have to ask your herper. 🙂

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