Why Letterforms? – Reflection on the A to Z Blog Challenge, Letterforms in Nature and the Built Environment

2016-05-09 A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

My theme for the A to Z Challenge here at Knoontime Knitting was “Letterforms In Nature and the Built Environment.”

Why Letterforms?

I adore letters.  I have my whole life.  I started young as a calligrapher, and had a business at the age of thirteen where I did menus and certificates for local small businesses.  While art was not something that was encouraged when I went to college, it’s always stuck with me in the back of my mind and I got back into daily calligraphy a couple years ago.  It just seemed natural to look at letterforms in a non-traditional way, and while I was outside walking one day, it hit me.  Why not look for accidental letters?

A book that was a deep influence on me was Alphabet Art:  Thirteen ABC’s From Around the World, by Leonard Everett Fisher.  This was one of the first calligraphy books I ever owned and I used to pore over it for hours, looking for similarities and differences in the way people make the alphabets that represent their language.  I suppose because of this, it’s no surprise I studied languages when I went to university, or that I speak several now as an adult.  My love affair with language and letters is a long one.

When I started the challenge, it was simply “In Nature.”  I didn’t start adding the “Built Environment” until I was out on one of my photography walks, prowling the neighborhood looking for ABC’s.  I found an “F” in a fence that made me laugh because of the double entendre, and it hit me that because I have become, of necessity because I live in the third largest city in the U.S., an urbanscape photographer, doing letters in built structures was a natural progression of the landscape photography training I’ve had.  After all, “can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  And so, I set out to find more letters.

The more I photographed, the more I saw letters around me.  I’d be waiting for a bus and examine a sapling waiting for Spring.  Or I’d find letters in the joints of buildings and the elbows of signs.  It turned out to be a lot of fun.  I may even turn my photographs into a book, which tickles me because I can include narratives and poetry as befits the particular images.

On a more mundane note, as I did the challenge I realized that I needed some kind of footnote to explain to visitors what I was doing, and where, since I had multiple challenges going.  Rather than re-write it each time, I created a “backmatter” file in my word processing program where I could write the notes, customized for each blog, and then just copy and paste each time.  That really helped me feel like my posts were tied together with a common thread and helped me promote the different blogs where I was participating in the challenge.  I’ll definitely do that again next year, because it made things feel much more professional.

Suffice it to say, I had a ball with this challenge and with picking a theme and, while it didn’t have anything strictly speaking to do with knitting, I found the inspiration it gave me to be invaluable.  I can’t wait until next year’s challenge!

For your ease of viewing, here’s the list of the posts for the Challenge.

Letterforms in Nature and the Built Environment

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B: B Is For Bush! (No, Not THAT Kind of Bush)

C: Urbanscapes And Letterforms In The Built Environment

D: The D in a Tree

E: The Largest E You’ll Ever See

F: Hit the Fence

G: Good Things Come In Threes

H: How Does Your Garden Grow?

I: There Is No “I” In Tree (possibly my favorite title of the series)

J: Jump Out At You

K: Konlabos. With a K.

L: Too Literal

M: Paint the Fence!

N: Noony!

O: O Say, Can You See?

P: Poussez, Tirez

Q: Quotidian

R: Lowercase

S: A Bit of a Stretch…

T: Look Up, Young Man!

U: Under-Over

V: V! V-I! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

W: Weird Sky

X: X Marks the Spot – Even If It’s Tardy!

Y: The Fork In the Tree and the Path Less Traveled By

Z: Zed

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