Carpe Carp! And Other C Words for the Letter C – on the A to Z Blog Challenge

Okay, technically this is from an earlier post where I shared what the QR code looks like. I had some delays getting my camera downloaded, and did so tonight. This is what the little QR codes look like, scattered around the grounds. What a lovely, unobtrusive way to share information for those of us who want to know what plant is which.

And this, Dear Reader, is a bench.

Yes, I know. B was yesterday. Tough. I just unloaded my camera and found it – and isn’t it a lovely bench? I love the design of these.

Okay, let’s Carpe those Carp!

But first, a side note: Carpe diem, which is Latin for Seize the day, was popularized by what movie?

And carp is…

Well, c’mon and take a look!


According to Auntie Google, a carp is “a deep-bodied freshwater fish, typically with barbels around the mouth. Carp are farmed for food in some parts of the world and are widely kept in large ponds.” Commonly seen in garden ponds, they look like large goldfish. In some Japanese gardens, these fish live over 75 years!

The pond is just lovely. And tomorrow, we’ll get to see what is waiting with baited breath to carpe those carp, when we see D is for…

But that would be telling! See you tomorrow, Dear Reader!

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      1. I was on the island of Sumatra (a long time ago) and was there for about a week. It’s not a touristy part of Indonesia so lovely (never been to Bali which is the tourist hotspot).

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