D Is For the Scariest Predator of the Garden

The life of an amateur photographer is fraught with difficulties: not getting hit by a car when taking pictures of the trees along a lane (nevermind that the lane is one of four on a major thoroughfare) or chased by the neighbor dog when trying to snap a shot of a particular flower (which really shouldn’t be called trespass, don’t you agree?).

And then there’s this. We wandered down around the waterfall and I saw him – the terror of the terrace, the devil of the developed garden, the predator of … something beginning with a p. He stood up tall and fixed me with a dour eye (a word also beginning with a d, as luck would have it) and I put my camera up to take the lovely shot of Mr. Duck Surveying the Fish.

I didn’t realize until just now, as I’m doing my posting, that the slippery bugger ducked down (pun intended) behind a rock and left me naught but a picture of his ample duck body and orange feet.

And so, Dear Reader, I give to you two more pictures of birds, though they match yesterday’s post better since they start with C for Crane:

Tomorrow, Dear Reader, check back to see what I’ve chosen for E. I have a lovely G, and a terrific R, but E… E. What shall I pick for E?

Your guess is as good as mine, Dear Reader; your guess is as good as mine.

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