N Is For No! I Doan Wanna! Which Is For All Us Wiff Colds…

Dear Reader, I hate being sick. I hate it so much that I’m a horrible patient. I have been better, in recent years, about practicing good self care like going to bed when I’m sick and eating good stuffs.

So good, in fact, that I realized something: I haven’t been sick since moving to Washington last February (that’s February of 2018). Sure, I’ve had it where my body’s kicked off germies, and felt less than a hundred percent. But pure full on snot factory? Nope.

So my boss goes to Mexico. And he brings back the gunk. And I begin two paragraphs in a row with the word, “So;” thereby annoying all my editor friends.

Tough. I’m sick. I can deal with the gunk, you can deal with the so’s. KTHXBI.

I know I’m behind, but I have a handy-dandy little prioritized daily task list, and on that prioritized daily task list is the task, catch up on the A to Z Challenge, because my Dear Readers are lonely and in need of something new to read.

New. ALSO begins with N. Huh. Imagine that.

So I, Dear Reader, am hopped up on coffee and cold medicine (always such a pleasant mix of flavors, eh?), and shall catch up. I promise.

But for now, you shall have to content yourself with one of my favorite gifs on the internet: the octopus of Nope.

Or, as I like to refer to them, octopeople.

But that, after all, is a word beginning with O, and today is for words beginning with N; so I shall leave you with this: Never turn your back on an angry octopus, never turn down a gift from a friend, and never neglect being grateful for all the abundance that is yours. Big love, Dear Reader; more tomorrow.


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