Stephen Colbert Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Him!

E Is For Eagle!


Nestled in a fairly small enclosure between the bears and the wolves is this lovely fellow.  It’s a bit of a sad story; he was injured and can no longer fly; therefore, he cannot be released back into the wild.  I’ve seen a few bald eagles in the wild, but always at a distance.

They’re big damn birds, that’s for sure.


He seemed to be keeping sentry over the picnic area, and if I’m not completely mistaken, he was watching a very loud little boy with a dour eye.


The minute I thought that, he turned.

“He’s looking at me, Ray.”

(Think the first Ghostbusters.)


He has a piercing stare, and that beak looked plenty dangerous.  I’m curious if the videos with Stephen Colbert and eagles ever featured a live eagle?  That must be something.  Look at how powerful those talons are!


He didn’t move very much, content to perch on his branch, so the photos are all very similar.


I said to my husband, “Honey, let’s go.”  And he turned and looked at me again.



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