Too Foxy!

Fennec Foxes!

I adore these little guys.  Their ears are bigger than their heads, practically!  While they have a large desert-like enclosure in which to play, I’ve only ever seen them curled up in their nest, snoozing.


It’s tough getting the lighting right, because they’re in a very dark enclosure.  This one is the center fox, but if you look carefully, you can see his mate’s ears just behind his haunches and realize that there’s a whole second fox back there.


I tried to get a better framing for them both, but the rear fox is in too much shadow.


I managed to catch it on this one, but kneeling down practically on the same plane as their bed.


There are actually three foxes in this picture, as this next series was taken on a different day.  You can see more of the right one’s nose and face structure.  His ears really do dominate his head.


He’d almost drifted off here, and you can see the other two’s ears even though most of their bodies are in shadow.


Something caught his attention, I don’t know what. (I’m using “he” in the indefinite form here; I don’t know their sex.)


This one’s a little clearer just on the one who’d raised his head.  What you can’t see from this angle is that the rock on the right leads out to their main enclosure, so they get sounds that echo in from the walkway that patrons travel.  I wonder if he heard something there, or if my camera shutter was annoying him.  I don’t know if he can hear it through the lucite, but with those ears, I’d imagine so.


Aaaand, nap time in three… two…




I really wanted to get a close-up on their ears, but was having a devil of a time with the lighting.  I like this one, though, because it’s pretty clear on the right-hand fox.  I couldn’t quite get the other two clearly enough to be visible.

Come visit tomorrow for G is for…

… well, I haven’t decided.  Goose or Giraffe, we’ll see.  Maybe both.


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