A New Year’s Party – and a Giveaway!

2017-01 Party Image

The party over at The Romance Studio is in full swing!  Throughout the weekend, I will be blogging on different topics – five posts a day! – as will the other participating authors.  We have prizes from each of us, and the grand prize is a $100 USD gift certificate to the online retailer Amazon.  If you like to read, then this is the party for you!

Friday the 13th!

  1. Happy New Year! and a State of the State
  2. Body Movement – Walking
  3. Body Movement – Get Help, Get a Trainer
  4. Body Movement – Get Help: Body Buddy
  5. Don’t Eliminate, Add – Five Colors!

Saturday the 14th

  1. Feed Your Mind – Writing Prompts
  2. Life of the Mind – How To Read a Book
  3. Morning Pages and Self-Dialog
  4. Meditation
  5. Sleep Deprivation and Obesity

Sunday the 15th

  1. Family and Friends – a Birthday List
  2. Non-Bill Mail
  3. Renewal Weekly
  4. Crafts To Explore – Zen and the Art of Knitting
  5. Tarot and the Subconscious

Monday the 16th

  1. Kon-Mari
  2. Routine – Daily Round
  3. Simple Abundance
  4. Candles – Slow Down and Unplug
  5. Happy New Year!  The Writer Zen Garden

Happy Thanksgiving! A Blog Festival and Giveaway


Now, more than ever, we need to remember all that we have for which to be grateful.  Our abundance will give us the strength to understand what we have the power to change, but also all that we already have.  True wealth is internal.  Freedom can be compromised, but liberty is internal.  Love is a verb.  And know this:  never be ashamed for reading what you enjoy, for relaxing and recharging your batteries, and for closing out the noise that has become much louder of late.  Reading, and writing, are radical acts.

And so, in the spirit of the holidays, I share with you my posts on The Romance Studio, and an opportunity to win our grand prize of a $100 USD Amazon gift card, as well as prizes from participating authors – not to mention, tons of great content.  Please enjoy, and remember: writers are people too, and we are emotional beings just like you.  A comment, even just to say thanks for posting, can warm hearts bruised by so much craziness.  It only takes a moment, but it’s a valuable gift that will bring a smile to the face of your favorite authors.  Trust me.  I’m one of them.  🙂



My posts for the party (will go live as they’re posted throughout the party):

Saturday, November 19, 2016

  1. Vital vs Urgent
  2. Quiet the Echo Chamber
  3. Six Weeks
  4. Simple Abundance
  5. The Artist’s Way

Sunday, November 20, 2016

  1. NaNo – Why You Should Care
  2. Consequences:  Where Story Is
  3. Writing and Mental Health
  4. Memoir, Family, Preserving the Past
  5. Recipes of a Bygone Era

Monday, November 21, 2016

  1. Cauliflower Potatoes
  2. White Bean Pasta
  3. Exercise & Holidaze
  4. Going Caffeineless
  5. The Pecan Pie Debate:  Chocolate or No Chocolate?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

  1. Introduction to Persis
  2. Why Keepers?
  3. Food in Other Places
  4. Resting in Plain Sight – Aroma Shower
  5. Take a Bath!  Salts & Oils

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

  1. Introduction to Chicagoland
  2. Travel in Place
  3. Gather Locally – Meetup
  4. Strength in Numbers
  5. Thank You


The Bird That Wasn’t: Jambu Fruit Dove – and a Party #giveaway


The Jambu Fruit Dove, admittedly, is a lovely fellow.  He looks like a flower – one of those star lilies with the overpoweringly lovely fragrance.

He is, however, shy.


The more literal-minded among you will note this is not, in fact, a Jambu Fruit Dove.  I thought is was, as I stalked the wooly mammoth of a bird through the edges of his habitat.

I did, successfully, identify the aloe vera plant, about which I’m rather smug.  A birder I am not.  A planter, apparently, I am.

Or something like that.


These two appeared to be gossiping.  Perhaps it was about how poor a naturalist I was?  But I adore nature.  Birds are not, perhaps, nature?  After all, the dreaded terror birds struck fear into the hearts of our forebears, at least according to the movie 10,000 BC.  Granted, that movie is fiction.

I do want to point out, however, there is still no Jambu Fruit Dove.


Are you a Jambu Fruit dove?

I’m reminded of Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam.  “We walk up to people and ask them, ‘Are you the enemy?’ and if they say, ‘Yes,’ we shoot them.”

Upon reflection, perhaps that’s why Mister Jambu Fruit Dove was nicht?


Okay, fine.  These gentlemen are the Gambel’s Quail.  Which is a Q, which I don’t need until next Wednesday – not tomorrow, but a week from.

J is a fail at the zoo for this visit.  The Jambu were hiding.

I’m sure there’s a parable here about something Zen, and maybe a tree or a river, but I need coffee and I do, as it happens, have plenty of lovely K pics for tomorrow.

But tomorrow is another day, my friends, and you’ll just have to wait.  (There.  I fit in another “J” for you.)

And, if you’re still with me thus far, we have some awesome stuff going on this week for you because of the RT Booklovers Convention going on in Las Vegas.  If you’re not familiar, RT is the largest romance genre event of the year, with over a thousand readers and several hundred authors in attendance for a week of workshops, parties, networking, and fun.

Not going to Las Vegas this year?  Don’t worry, Dear Reader.  I will be posting at The Romance Studio for the Staying Home Party, and I’ll have live convention reports – Tina Holland, Live at the Rio!, behind-the-scenes, interviews, and reminiscences from yours truly about RT’s past.  And just for you, Dear Reader, it will be five posts a day for six days – PLUS the challenge posts.  So there’s plenty for you to read and do this week!  Rest your eyeballs, ‘cuz you’re gonna need ’em!

Don’t miss it.  Truck on over now – plus, you can enter to win a bunch of awesome prizes, including a $100 USD Amazon store card.

2016-04-12 Party Pic

Thank you for joining me for the A-Z Blog Challenge.  If you’re blogging in the challenge, please leave me a link so I can come visit you too.  If you have a moment, please check out these other fine blogs:

My theme on my Knoontime Knitting craft blog is Letterforms In Nature and the Built Environment.  I’ll be exploring my daily round, looking for shapes in the natural world and build environment.

The theme at Noon & Wilder is The A To Z of Chicago.  Since I live here in the city and we have our Chicagoland Shifters based here, I figured I’d share a window into the city, Noon & Wilder style.

The Nice Girls Writing Naughty have a new home, and we’re blogging in the challenge again this year.  Throughout the month you’ll be hearing from each of the Nice Girls, and during the RT Booklovers Convention from April 12th to the 17th, you’ll be getting live convention reports.  Join the conversation!

The Writer Zen Garden’s brand new website is up and running, and we’re bringing you posts from me, Noony; my partner in crime, Rachel Wilder (the Wilder half of Noon & Wilder); the talented Darla M. Sands – a blogger in her own right, see below; as well asGrace Kahlo, Evey Brown, and author Tina Holland.  Check it out!

My friends who are participating in the challenge (and if you’re not on this list, tell me and I’ll add you!):

Write on, and Happy Blogging!

Luck O’ The Irish! Enter To Win $100 Gift Card and Other Prizes. Plus, Blog Posts from Noony!

2016-03-12 Party Pic

It’s that time o’ the year, me dears!  The St. Patrick’s Day Party at The Romance Studio!  You can enter to win a $100 USD gift card from the online retailer Amazon, books from Noon & Wilder and other fabulous authors, and read excerpts, recipes, stories and more!  Won’t you join us?

Here’s the links to my posts, so it’s easy to find.  Won’t you stop by and comment?  You’ll be glad you did, and I’ll feel the love.  What could be better?

Happy reading!

Sunday, March 13th

(Note – I don’t have any posts on the 12th due to a family emergency, but there is plenty of content from my fellow authors so don’t be shy!)

  1. Daylight Savings Time and a Fairy Tale
  2. Coming In April – the A-Z Challenge. Where’s YOUR Alphabet?
  3. Movie Night with the Nice Girls Writing Naughty
  4. The Honey Pat
  5. Pysanky!

Monday, March 14th

  1. Crafts and Stress – Why *Else* Do You Think I Knit?
  2. From the Tip of the Pen – Work In Progress, Excerpt M/M Romance
  3. Mini Vacations – Galena!
  4. Myths and Modern Life
  5. Coffee!

Tuesday, March 15th

  1. Tiger by the Tale
  2. Calendaring and Color
  3. Journaling
  4. The Joy of Baths
  5. Kids and Chores

Wednesday, March 16th

  1. Another World – Why Make It Up? (with an Excerpt, M/M Romance, Mild Heat)
  2. Cooking and Food Porn
  3. What’s Next – Sapphire Dream (Excerpt, M/M Romance)
  4. The Music of Persis – Beats Antique
  5. In the Future – Seekers and Mystery

Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Plausible Premise – M/M and Lamiae
  2. Have Fun With It (M/M Excerpt)
  3. What’s Next for the Emerald City Shifters – Sealed by Duty (M/M Excerpt)
  4. Fun Stuff – A to Z
  5. Movie Night – and Thank You!


Join Me Over At The Romance Studio For Some Oscars Fun and Prizes!

2016-02-28 TRS Party Logo

Join me today over at The Romance Studio for some great prizes, discussion about the Oscars, and to select your favorite authors of 2015!

First, there is our Movie Vote where you can pick who think you will win the big movie awards. One winner will be selected at random from among those who get all six categories correct to receive a $50 Amazon eGift Card.

Then, there is our Best Of 2015 Vote. What were your favorite romances and authors of 2015? We want to know. The results will be announced at the party. Advertising/membership prizes will be given to the winners.

I’ll be blogging throughout the day, chatting about my favorite movies and actors.

  1. It’s Oscar Day – Who Will Win, Matt or Leo?
  2. Let’s Hear It For the Girls!
  3. And the Winner Goes To…
  4. The Right Stuff
  5. Best of… and Thank You!

TRS Christmas Party with $100 USD Amazon Giveaway and Other Prizes!

2015-12 TRS Christmas Party

The TRS Christmas Party is in full swing.  Stop by for the grand prize of a $100 USD Amazon gift card, and enter to win a slew of prizes from participating authors – including yours truly!

For the party, I’ll be posting five posts each day that highlight our bestselling M/M Romance books:

TRS Christmas Party

Chicagoland Shifters:

Day One – 12/17 – Burning Bright

  1. Date Ideas
  2. Bird Brain
  3. Safe Words
  4. Poly
  5. Wicca

Day Two – 12/18 – Tiger Tiger

  1. Tiger Play – Zooscapades
  2. Jogging
  3. Intercultural Relationships
  4. Veterinary Adventures
  5. Smart-Assed Friends

Day Three – 12/19 – Cat’s Cradle

  1. Movie Night
  2. Horchata
  3. When You Don’t Share
  4. Dinner In
  5. Novice Kink

Persis Chronicles:

Day Four – 12/20 – Emerald Fire

  1. Socks of Doom
  2. Tropes
  3. Music To My Ears
  4. The Animals of Persis
  5. Deserts

Day Five – 12/21 – Emerald Keep

  1. Sandsails
  2. Cave Cities
  3. Truffles
  4. Group Marriages
  5. Tai Chi

Emerald City Shifters:

Day Six – 12/22 – Sealed by Fire

  1. Six Geese Laid (not really Emerald City Shifters, but it went live so I’m sharing)
  2. The Charm of Novices
  3. Seattle
  4. Inventing Legends
  5. Domovoi

Day Seven – 12/23 – Sealed by Magic

  1. Ancestral Wicca
  2. Row Your Boat
  3. Brewing – the Ancient Hobby
  4. Pets That Live Forever
  5. Thank You, Happy Holidays, and Gym Challenges

I’ll be sharing date ideas, talking about the animals that inspired our shifters, pictures, and lots of fun stuff.  I hope you’ll join me!