Walking In This World

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
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I love the title of Julia Cameron’s second book in her acclaimed Artist’s Way trilogy, Walking In This World.  

When I first did the material in the book, I mis-read the title as Walking In The World, a telling distinction.  I don’t easily inhabit my body or this plane, having evolved a very deep intellectual capacity as a way of avoiding abuse when I was a child.  I felt that my misunderstanding of the title signaled this separation – that, to me, the world is not concrete and one but ethereal and infinite.  While it makes me an effective writer, because I have a well-developed imagination, it’s crap for helping me do stuff like, oh, laundry and balancing my checkbook.
As I take an opportunity to look back on the week and reflect, this week of walking in this world has been filled with a lot of abundance and good things.  Rachel and I finished Sealed by Magic and sent it off to our editor for consideration; we finished the first and second rounds of edits on Emerald Keep; we made a deal for the third book of the Chicagoland Shifters which will come out this summer; and we started work on the keepsakes we will feature in the blog book tour for Emerald Keep.
It’s becoming a normal experience for me to have more difficulty the more positive things occur.  I’m much better in times of crisis, because they are so familiar to me.  I’m told this is a function of PTSD and of abuse survivors, because we become so accustomed to the chaos and unpleasantness that we don’t know what to do when it’s subsided.  So my goal is to become so good at enjoying when things are going well that I make that a habit, instead.  Sounds much more positive to me, doesn’t it to you?
I will say this to those of you who have suffered abuse at others’ hands: there is hope.  Get help, be gentle, and write.  Trust your own memories and not those you are told to have.  You can find your own voice, and you can heal.  It will take time and it will be challenging.  But you can do it.
Write on!

Open the Seal Blog Book Tour – Day Two – Bestseller!

Wow.  Thank you, Dear Readers, for making SEALED BY FIRE a bestseller on All Romance eBooks its fourth day out!  We’re grateful to you all for your support and plan to continue writing the best stories that we can.

On today’s second day of our blog tour, I wanted to share a funny story with you about the writing of this book. See, it goes like this:

Rachel: “Um, Noony? You have Nash’s eyes this color in Chapter Two.”

Me:  “Yeah…”

Rachel: “But they’re not.”

Me.  ~blink~  “But…”

Rachel:  “They’re a specific color, you know.”

Me. “Yes, dear, I know that.”

Rachel:  “Then how come in Chapter Seven they’re this other color?”

Me:  ~blink again~  “Because magic?” ~big grin~

Rachel: “And Jordan drives a Bronco.”

Me:  “Oh.”  ~thinks~  “Maybe we need a list.”

Rachel:  “Yes!”

See, Rachel is the list-maker of the two of us.  I’m the right-brained, non-sequential of us.  This makes us a really strong team because our skills complement each other.  But occasionally I’m reminded why lists are useful.  Like, say, with eye color or our characters’ cars.

What skills are you glad your best friend has, so that it keeps you on track?

Release Day – Launching the Open the Seal Blog Book Tour!

I am so excited!  Today is the release day for Sealed by Fire, our first novel with LooseId LLC.  The cover art is phenomenal, as you can see, and we’re stoked to be part of the LooseId author community.  Some of the biggest names in romantic fiction work with them and we’re thrilled to count ourselves among that number.

Here are five things to be excited about for today’s release day:

  1. The book is out!  (You HAD to see that one comin’, I mean, come on.)
  2. The book is… Just kidding.  But the fact that we see our names on the cover and that it’s available on the LooseId website still gives me chills.  So aside from the fact it’s available for purchase, just the simple fact that it’s there is shiver-worthy – “we wrote that!”
  3. Every book is a team effort.  Our editor Jana, the cover artist Valerie Tibbs, and the whole team at LooseId made this a reality – thank you!
  4. We streamlined the character list from the original manuscript, which makes this book a lot tighter AND gives us more characters for whom to write sequels.  (Yes, that is a blatant plug – grin.)
  5. The book is out!  Check it out on the LooseId website and enjoy!
What exciting news do you have this month?  I’d love to know; please share with me in the comments.

A to Z Challenge, Day 26: Z Is For Zen

Image © 2014, A. Catherine Noon, All Rights Reserved

Zen Koan

Chao-Chu fell down in the snow

and yelled, “Help me up! Help me up!”

A Zen Monk came and laid down beside him.

Chao-Chu got up and went away.

Thank you for visiting and traveling with me during the April A-Z Blogging Challenge.  I’ve enjoyed making new blogging friends and collecting new followers.  It’s readers like you that make writing such a pleasure.  I appreciate your support!

Happy blogging!

Bound By Fire, Coming Soon From LooseId!

Rachel and I are so excited!  It’s official – our book, currently titled Bound By Fire (though that may change as we get closer to the release date) has been contracted by LooseId, the popular digital-first publisher!  We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Here’s a little taste of the book, due out probably this summer (exact date TBA):

Vanya Demidov has been studying to become a sorcerer. During a frightening ritual, he comes face-to-face with a powerful being, the stuff of dreams. He is betrayed and realizes his master is going to sacrifice him in a quest for power. When the spell goes wrong and his master flees, Vanya is left with the summoned creature and no way to banish him.

Nash lives for the day he can mete out his revenge on the sorcerer who once tried to enslave him and who has killed those Nash strove to protect. When he sees the portal open again and King once again within his grasp, he jumps at the chance. When the ritual goes wrong and the portal is damaged, Nash is stranded in human form with the young man intended to be his sacrifice.

Together, they find mutual attraction and a shared goal – to find the evil mage and vanquish him once and for all.