Wait, Wha…? It’s December? or, I Won NaNo!


Wow.  Big picture.  As I’m sitting here, still not done with my morning coffee, I decide to leave it because…  I WON NANO!  I’m still not quite sure what happened.

For those of you reading this, wondering what the heck I’m talking about, National Novel Writing Month is every year in the month of November.  Here’s five things I’ve learned:

  1. Laundry is sneaky.  It will pile up and multiply in the basket when you’re not looking at it.
  2. Dishes are easier to do if you get them done daily.
  3. Cats and dogs like to be fed on a regular schedule.  …  Regular DAILY schedule.
  4. Food is not optional.  It’s a requirement for humans to keep writing.
  5. Coffee should be like air.

There.  And to say folks don’t learn anything during NaNo.  ~grin~

Join Me At ChiWriMo!



It’s November, the time of the keyboards singing and the turkey tryptophaning and the avoidance of the holiday madness until after Black Friday, thankyouverymuch. It’s National Novel Writing Month, Dear Reader, and yours truly is one of the volunteer Municipal Liaisons, or MLs, for the Chicago Region.  My main duty is to help host write-ins, which are big parties where magic happens.  No really, that’s what they are!  People gather somewhere, like a cafe or restaurant or library or park or… and they write.  And have word wars.  And it’s a lot of fun.  One of my other duties is to exhort participants to ever greater heights of literary abandon.  (Hey, man: I’m in mid-NaNo myself and my vocabulary is running full steam ahead!)  So join me at our ChiWriMo blog for some thoughts on Week Two – it’s not too late!  Keep going!

Do You NaNo?



Do you NaNo?

No idea if you NaNo?  No NaNo?  (C’mon, you had to see that comin’.)  ANYway, join me today at the Torquere LiveJournal for some explanation of what is this thing called NaNo, and some thoughts on why the world needs your novel.

You know you wanna.

Two for Tuesday

I was looking for a lolcat to adorn my post today, so I asked Google, “lolcats all of thems.”  This is one of the ones that came up and since I guffawed out loud – sorry, “lol’d,” I figured I’d better use it.


Because lolcats.

ANYway.  I have not one but TWO posts for you today!

The first is at the Chicago Region of National Novel Writing Month.  Just because you didn’t “win” NaNo doesn’t mean you lost.

The second is at Torquere Press’s blog, Romance for the Rest of Us.  I got to musing about my daily round and shared pictures.

Hope you’ll stop by and show me some love in the comments! Happy reading!

Sunday Box Talk: NaNo and Marathons

It’s the 17th and the month is half over.  I know some of us, myself among them, have not written as much as we’d hope at the bright start of NaNoWriMo.  But it ain’t over til it’s over and there’s still time to write.  It doesn’t matter what happened the past 16 days.  We can’t change them.  We can’t go back and do them over.  We can’t do them differently.  They’re done, and what’s done is done.

So where does that leave us?

Some of us will give up.  We will say, it’s just too much water under the bridge, too much time passed me by and there’s no use.

Don’t do that.

Keep writing.  There are more days left in this month and more words left in your brain.  You owe it to yourself to let them out, to give yourself the chance and the gift of hope.

In running a marathon, experienced runners know what beginning runners haven’t learned yet:  the marathon isn’t won in the first five or even ten miles.  It’s won when you hit the wall at mile twenty or twenty-one and you just can’t run anymore.  You continue, you put one foot in front of the other, and you slog your way through to the finish line.

Life is like that sometimes.  Don’t give up, don’t surrender.  Stay strong; borrow the courage of giants.  You may not be part of Seal Team Nine but you can do what they do:  keep going.  Keep writing.

Keep going.

Keep writing.

Hoo-rah, baby.  Hoo-rah.