Announcing Day One of the Emerald Keep Keepsake Tour – Celebrating the Release of Book 2 of the Persis Chronicles!

emeraldkeepWelcome to my new home on the web! Over the course of the next month, I’ll be migrating here permanently. The Blogger blog will still be available in the archive, but we made the decision to move to this one because it makes it easier to keep everything in one place – all the writing, the knitting, coffee, and chocolate you could possibly want. And of course, cats. It’s the internet. We must have cats.

But for today, rather than cats, I’ve got something even better for you, Dear Reader!  It’s the brand new cover of Emerald Keep, hot off the presses – well, at least hot off the cover artist’s computer.  The artist is Brandon Clay, and you can see more of his work, here.

The Keepsake Tour is a little different – instead of giving away gift cards or other electronic media, we decided to give away something tangible.  We also have a double Grand Prize – since we’re Noon and Wilder, we figured that it made sense to have two prizes.  I’ll be making a hand-knit Emerald Keep scarf, and Rachel’s making a hand-crocheted Emerald Keep scarf.  Two lucky winners will be selected from a drawing at the end of the tour.  How do you enter?  Well, that’s easy!  Simply leave a comment along the tour and you’ll be entered in!

Check back for the rest of the tour, daily between March 8th and Release Day, April 8th.  We’ll have behind-the-scenes tours, outtakes, peaks at research and hand-drawn maps, and excerpts.  If there’s something in specific you’d like to see or read about, tell me in the comments, below.

We’re glad you found your way to to us.  Thank you for reading!

Advent of December

We brought home a new kitten this weekend.  His name is Kolya, short for Nikolai, named after Tsar Nikolai of Russia.  We are slowly introducing him into the household, in which already live a dog and two cats. o.O…