This Week In Promo

Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to, blog-wise, this week:

Nine Naughty Novelists invited Rachel and I to guest post this week, and I wrote about promotion and how to get started without becoming overwhelmed.

Today I was over at Silken Sheets and Seduction for my regular bimonthly post (I post on the first and third Saturdays there). Since it’s my husband’s birthday this week, and we’re going away for this weekend once he gets up and around, I decided to share some of my thoughts about mini-vacation planning. It’s my opinion that mini-vacations are necessary parts of serenity, and don’t necessarily need to cost money. It’s all in how we think about it. “5 Tips for Planning a Mini-Vacation.”


Several Recent Articles

Happy Bredesmas!  As we pause to take stock as February winds on and January just goes “poof,” I realize that I haven’t shared my recent articles with you.  Shame on me!  I figured I’d make up for it by listing all of them in one post, rather than an individual post for each one.

In January, the theme for the Beyond the Veil blog was “Inside Publishing.”  While I don’t really feel like I could be characterized as being “inside” publishing, I share my views in “Aunt Noony’s Inside Look at Publishing.”

For the Silken Sheets and Seduction blog, I wrote “Happy Bredesmas.” I share a little about what the holiday means to me and talk about one of my favorite crafts, candlemaking.

Bestselling author Delilah Devlin was kind enough to host Rachel and I again as guest bloggers, for which we wrote “Be Like a Groundhog; or ‘What To Do After the Resolution.’”

I had two articles on my publisher’s blog, one as a guest for another author who couldn’t make their regular post.  In it, I talk about how I organize my novels despite not using a formal outlining process.  “Hate Outlines? Timeline!” Then, today, I share “Squeezing It In:  5 Tips for the Overstressed Neterati.”