Around the Web with Aunt Noony

I have three, count it, THREE, posts for you today – in honor of Twosday, of course!

The first is at my publisher Torquere Press’s blog, Romance for the Rest of us:

The second is over at the Taurus’s hangout, and is this week’s Tasty Tuesday:

The third and final post is over at Kharisma Rhayne’s, where she gave me a great guest post today.  Thank you, Kharisma!

On Vacation This Week

Happy Summer Vacation!

I’m in Phili this week, so stay tuned for more of Noony’s Nuggets.  I might find something for you hiding around the corners whilst on vacation.  Lessee… nope, that’s a hot dog bun.  For today, just a comic.  But tomorrow?  Hmm.

Summertime.  It does a body good.