Tuesday Tips – Cat Litter Containers

2016-03-01 KK Pic 1

I have a lot of yarn.

No, really.

The problem is, that all that yarn piled into a mountain in the middle of my living room would be a lot of fun, for about five minutes.

Then, The Cats.

So, what to do with it until I’m ready to turn it into something?

Cat litter containers!  I might as well get SOME use out of all the shitsand we use at our house.  ~grin~

Many of the litter companies sell litter in large plastic three or five gallon-size containers with locking lids.  Once you’ve used the litter, wash them out and store your yarn.  They also have the advantage of stacking well, which is useful if you have an unused corner behind a door, say.

What about you, Dear Reader?  What are your favorite supply storage tips?

Tuesday Tips – Sheet Protectors

2016-01-05 KK Pic 1

I know those really neat fabric roll-ups are a cool way to store needles and hooks.  But until I can afford one, or make one for myself, what I’ve been doing is using sheet protectors and a large binder.  I organized the needles by size, and put the crochet hooks in the back one (which you could reverse, if your primary craft is crochet).

I keep my circulars in a zipper pouch organized by needle size; I splurged one year and got a set with detachable needles.  I highly recommend this, if you can swing it, because it makes sorting out the circular needle mess so much easier.  I really like KnitPicks needles for their smooth joins.

What about you, Dear Reader?  Got any favorite storage tips?