Monday Meanderings

It’s Monday, and that means I have posts at the Writer’s Retreat and Nightlight today!  What’s up?

In the spirit of taking photographs of what I see around me, I had fun with my phone’s camera during a recent flight across country.  The interesting part?  The photos don’t really resemble land; more like, meringue, clouds, and the ocean.  What do you think?  Up in the Air.

I’ve started basic belly dance lessons.  My instructor introduced me to Samia Gamal.  Come check her out!  Belly Dance.

Happy New Year!

What’s on tap for 2013? I have a full year planned for you, so let’s get started:

Happy Fifth Anniversary to My Blog!

We’ll take a peek at:

  • Favorite posts
  • Top five best – readers’ choice
  • Revisit guests and interview them

Happy Fifth Anniversary to the Writer’s Retreat!

  • Focus on the blog
  • Interview founding members, where are they now?
  • Festival of Picture prompts and other events
  • Relaunch of the Forum, March 1, 2013

A Year of Stash Busting!

  • TKGA Master Knitter
  • Full stash list and tools list
  • New designs and launch of website

Noon and Wilder Coming Out Strong!

  • Highlight books and stuff we have planned
  • Redesign of the Noon and Wilder website

A Blog A Day Keeps the Blues Away

Belly, Belly, Belly

  • Belly dance, costume, strong core, teas to support the belly, and mehndi on the belly
  • Belly balm
  • Extra special body day
  • Belly cleanse
  • How to hide or show off your belly, depending on your preference

What are you excited about in 2013?

Contests, and How They Help Your Writing – A Conversation with Kimberley Troutte

My friend Kimberley Troutte is up for several awards – congratulations, Kimberley!  I got to thinking, why would an author want to work on contests?  Does it help their writing process?  I mean, obviously it’s awesome to get the recognition, but how does it fit into all the other stuff that helps us write and publish and do all the stuff we’re supposed to do?

Then it hit me – ask someone who’s done some contests!  Derp!

And she didn’t even laugh when I asked to interview her.  Real peach, this one is.  Just don’t tell her I said that, or I might blush.

Come on over to the Writer’s Retreat with me and join me as I talk to Kimberley about all the stuff you’ve ever wanted to know about contests, but were afraid to ask.